Vorobiev House

Russia, Moscow

While elaborating design-projects, we basically go by the dream of an ideal space for our Clients. Along with that, the architecture itself dictates the style to the interior, which is significantly important to take into account, and avoid an unnatural contrast between the external and internal components, since it can make the project look artificial.


  • 2021


  • Interior design


  • 115 sq. m.


  • E. Vinokurova
  • A. Gorodkov
  • D. Rotan
  • T. Vinokurova


  • Mikhail Loskutov

Here, in a new modern building with floor-to-ceiling windows and a linear layout, it was necessary to create the atmosphere of Parisian apartments with their classic elements such as a fireplace and stucco moldings.

Consequently, it was an unusual task for our creativity to achieve such a visual perception that keeps the balance between the modern rhythm of volumes and forms and the soulfulness and charm of interiors in historical buildings.

The colour scheme can be determined as monochrome: black and white, but with accents of warm tones of wood and carefully selected colors of the furniture.

Indeed, tiny space turned out to be filled with air, thanks to its complex simplicity and delicate work with lines and proportions.



Interior design — Moscow