Rhyme is an interior design and architecture studio that provides a well-thought-out service and individualized approach coupled with deliberate and exclusive aesthetics.

‘Rhyme’ is a group of repetitive sounds used as a literary tool. ‘Rhyme’ also means rhythm, harmony, poetry. Our design process combines many elements: textures, colours, materials, light, etc., in order to create a specific rhythm and harmony of space.

It's all about the individual characteristics, mood, nuances, and original perspective that the authors put into their works.


Our studio has always worked to elaborate the ideal atmosphere of home as a special luxury for each of our sophisticated Clients.

We are open to making projects all over the world. If our way of work, our taste and subtle sense of beauty are close to you, then there are no boundaries for cooperation.

Trust, engagement and dialogue, continuous search for aesthetics and perfectionism are those characteristics that we value in our team members. No wonder that it is manifested in all the aspects, both in the studio’s internal activities and when communicating with the Clients.