Russia, Moscow

As a way to let the art-objects and design itself tie together, the space was created clean and architecturally severe. Yet, that seemingly minimalist white interior turned out to be very personal and circumspect, nontypical and dynamic.
It is the case when using a minimum set of tools we managed to say much. Not design for the sake of design, but every element of the room is pure aesthetic.


  • 2022


  • Interior design


  • 86 sq. m.


  • E. Vinokurova
  • A. Gorodkov
  • D. Rotan
  • T. Vinokurova


  • Mikhail Loskutov

There is no a single item that is not working for the whole composition and compatibility. Each object has a character, a role and a place in the overall design.

We intentionally used tactile, warm and somehow lowkey finishings in the interior and kept natural colors: corrugated glass, natural marble and wood.

The interior includes iconic interior features, vintage or antique items, collectible designs by contemporary European artists. All this creates artistic, atypical in finishes and shapes design.

Almost every room in the apartment is multifunctional, but not universally applicable, since the set of functions, as well as their proportions in significance, are personalized to the habits and preferences of the owner of the apartment.


Interior design — Moscow