About project

As a way to let the art-objects and design itself tie together, the space was created clean and architecturally severe. Yet, that seemingly minimalist white interior turned out to be very personal and circumspect, nontypical and dynamic.
It is the case when using minimum set of tools we managed to say much. Not design for the sake of design, but every element of the room is pure aesthetic.

Location Moscow
Year 2022
Sq.m. 86
Team E. Vinokurova, A. Gorodkov, 
D. Rotan, T. Vinokurova, E. Samsonova

There is no a single item that is not working for the whole composition and compatibility. Each object has a character, a role and a place in the overall design.

Sofa - Christophe Delcourt

Pablo Picasso ceramics and art-work by Dmitry Kawarga are located on the bookshelf.

We leverage a wall offset in the hall with a closet for outdoor clothes. Morevoer, a visually new volume was created by adding wall panels. It is perceived not as an irregularly shaped hall, but as a wooden cube installed there.

Sculpture Vase - Hey May

All the essentials for cooking are deliberately hidden and arranged in such a way that it becomes a part of the of the walls.

Kitchen - Lithium
Stool - Tim Vranken 
Sculpture - Fernand Leger

We intentionally used tactile, warm and somehow lowkey finishings in the interior and kept natural colors: corrugated glass, natural marble and wood.

Armchair - NORR11
Coffee table - Ferm Living

In the arrangement of free-standing furniture, we adhered to the principle of the focal points in each room, around which objects are freely located. 

Black and white chair – Missoni Home with Sakai print 
Picture - Abidin Dino

The table is custom-made from solid wood and Arabescato natural marble based on the drawings of the designers, we were lucky to found a slab of extraordinary beauty, where the stone pattern is not monochrome, but flows into different shades from plum to olive colours.

Vintage Venini Chandelier decorated this room by capturing the eye of the center.

There are different chairs around the table. A pair of vintage Spaghetti chairs, a pair of Vormen pressed leather chairs, and one artistic Missoni Home chair.

The interior includes iconic interior features, vintage or antique items, collectible designs by contemporary European artists. All this creates artistic, atypical in finishes and shapes design.

Painting - Larisa Fedotova
Sculpture - Ninel Bogushevskaya

Almost every room in the apartment is multifunctional, but not universally applicable, since the set of functions, as well as their proportions in significance, are personalized to the habits and preferences of the owner of the apartment.

The.DOT.home carpet was made specifically for this project. It has irregular shape and gather all the items of the sofa room together into a single composition. 
According to the design concept, that carpet emblematizes pebble stones and includes all the colors and textures of neighboring objects.

Coffee table (made from salt) by Belgian artist Roxane Lahidji from the Belgian gallery Atelier Ecru

Bright blue sink by Antonio Lupi 

Fabric painting — Alexandra Falishtynskaya

White and black colours, somewhere soft, somewhere contrasting and light wood - this is the basis of the color scheme of the apartment. White is the perfect backdrop against which all pieces of furniture and art-objects as well, are presented as bright as possible.

Table lamp - Flos 
Art-object - Alina Glazoun
Bed - Flou

In the private part of the apartment, the color of the walls is slightly emphasized in tone, in order to create the passage from the level-headedness of public areas to the pacification of private rooms we decided to dilute pure white colour in that space.  

Curtains - the.DOT.home in collaboration with Alisa Yoffe

Despite it seems that there are a minimum of components in the design, the interior is quite rich in various materials and textures, for which the suitable proportion and place are selected.

Wall Sconces - Menu
Medicine chest - 19th century antiques, restoration works by Restart

Here we enjoy the combination of graphic black glossy tiles with the beauty of natural stone. The bath area is separated from  the rest bathroom as a dark spot. The ledges of the bathtub are intentionally made wide enough for placing all the necessary little things or decor there.

Stool - Eburet